Advanced medical treatment has now been a part of dental today and involves use of latest technologies, machines and equipment. As a result, the dental patients are provided with exceptional care that lasts for lifetime. 

General Procedures in Dental Treatment

1. Dental Cleaning

It starts at home with our routine life requires daily brushing twice a day. However, over a period of time, the tooth gets accumulated with deposits and develop tarter which then requires visiting a dentistry clinic.
Professional dental cleaning is carried out by a dental hygienist who aims at removing stains, tarter and plaque from teeth. It includes polishing and scaling of tooth, and in certain cases, dental debridement for much accumulated tar in the gum. Tooth debridement uses various devices and instruments to pluck the deposits in and around the teeth.

2. Dental Quadrants and Numbering

There are four sections in mouth called as quadrants. An infected teeth in a quadrant is identified by a unique symbol and numbers from 1 to 8.

3. Tooth Bonding

It is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the look and appearance of any chipped or discolored teeth. It involves applying tooth color resin materials with the help of adhesives and curing light of high intensity.

4. Dental Bridge

This procedure involves bridging and fillings the gap created by loss of teeth. This is a low risk, affordable and tested dental treatment for broken and missing teeth. Pontics, which are are artificial teeth are held in place of missing teeth with the help of abutments and dental crowns to make bridges.

5. Dental Implant

When there are several loss of teeth, dental implants are often needed to preserve jawbones from large decay. They not only support dental bridges but also avoids any support from nearby tooth. However, it requires the patient to be in sound health before carrying out implant.

Latest equipments in today's dental treatment

1. LED tooth whitening product
2. Root Canal Equipment
3. Dental Apex Locator
4. Professional Dental Chairs
5. Dental Cameras
6. Dental Curing Lights
7. Dental Medical Carts
8. High Speed Drills
9. Dental X-Ray Machines
10. Dental Compressors

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