Know your electricity limitations at It is always a command for some people to stay safe no matter what happens. In this way you could enjoy life while you are still living at it. And you can start doing so by making sure that your house is in a secure place. Checking your house before heading out is the best way to do in order to know the limitations of your electricity because what do do you think will happen if you would just go without checking your house first? W ell, there could be a possibility that some plugs are still there and because of a traffics and all, you get busy that you forgot to even have get the sockets that are plugged in. and the worst thing that may happen is you will but your house. But I know for sure you could not help but feeling guilty all the time.

When you know your electricity limitations, then you might as well want to save yourself from danger. Well, who is crazy enough that is not afraid in danger? No right? So before going to school or offices, make sure electricity is dead and no sockets that are plugged in.


- Royce