Many people are renting a house, if you’re one of them then maybe you are thinking that you need something that you can call your own house and land package like Homes by Maxim. Dwelling in a place that is not yours is like travelling without specific destination, you are unsure where will you go or what will happen tomorrow. Renting a property has both advantages and disadvantages. One variable that may be an advantage when renting is you can able to choose how long will you stay in that particular place. Less responsibility in terms of repairing defect because they are the obligation of the landlord. The disadvantages is that subjection is a must to the owner’s rules. A renter cannot renovate a property according to his needs and wants and you might also struggle to get the repairs on time. And also you are just paying and giving because there is no return for investment, only the owners earns an income. On the other hand, when you are owning your own home and land you have the ability to do and plant whatever you want. You can also have greater privacy and you have the stability of knowing where you will be living.


- Royce