Even if anyone cannot be as good as a Christchurch landscape architect, we can still do much to make the best out of our space in the yard. Especially when we only have a little space at home to create  our own garden, we can still be creative.


We must not hesitate to maximize our use of any space that we have at our small residential unit. We can create some vibrant outdoor space where we can set up a table for a coffee or two with some nice green view. We can recycle some old bottles and make them into some vertical gardens with some small plants that we can buy from any plant shops. We can design some hanging plants across the wall so it would not be empty to look at.


One thing that we can do is to choose the right colors to paint the walls with. This same color can also be used when we choose the right furniture. What is important is that we decorate the yard or some piece of land that we have so it would not be boring and dull. Another thing is that we can have something that we can show our guests for them to get entertained while we prepare those biscuits and tea.



- Royce