If you want to manage and organize your company and you have no idea how to do it, the best solution is to use CRM. On the http://www.crmsoftware.co.nz/zoho-crm-review/ you will be able to understand what is CRM and everything about Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM is complex management software. This is complete database system that covers leads, customers, and projects. Zoho CRM is designed to attract, retain, and satisfy customers to grow your business.


Zoho CRM automates vital sales operations – that means that automates daily sales tasks, converts web visitors into hot leads, imports prospects from external sources and parties including trade shows, direct emails, and seminar.


Gives access to important data in real time – this allows you to track your customer data - deal’s size, contact history, and competitor profile to help you craft more fitting messages.


Makes maximal use of social media – This is a highly important tool, as it enables you to connect with your prospects and leads through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


Zoho CRM provides:


  1. Sales Force Automation
  2. Lead Management
  3. Account Management
  4. Effective Follow-up
  5. Website Integration with Forms
  6. CRM Workflow Management
  7. Sales Tracking
  8. Pulse
  9. Sales Forecasting
  10. Productivity
  11. MailMagnet
  12. Document Library
  13. Social CRM
  14. Mobile CRM
  15. CRM for Google Apps


At the http://www.crmsoftware.co.nz/zoho-crm-review/ you will be able to learn more about Zoho CRM and how beneficial for your business.



- Royce