Firstly, you have to ask yourself: “What kind digital nomad skills I have so I could work remotely – from anywhere?”. You have to know what kind of skills and knowledge you have so you could provide online services. But when you are summarizing your knowledge you have to be completely honest with yourself. It is that simple.

There are many possibilities for remote work you just need to understand your qualities before you start applying.

  1. Photography – you can get hired by people to photograph events, places, assist on movie sets...
  2. Translating – It is said that how many languages you know, that’s how much you worth. Knowing languages is giving you a huge opportunity to do the different translations.
  3. Writing – This is one of the key skills for your communication as a digital nomad. It is also an opportunity for you to work on different projects, to write for different businesses, to do editing …
  4. Training and coaching – This is started to be a really popular profession in the world. Many people do not understand how to solve conflict situation nor how to communicate when they are facing with different conflict situations. You may coach online.
  5. Teach online – You may teach online. You can also sell online courses. First, you have to make the tutorial video. You can then start selling it online. It is important that you communicate with your audience and have interaction with them. 

These are only some of the skills  you may improve or you already have so you can apply for the remote work and offer your services online. You will definitely get many benefits from the remote work.

- Royce