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Designing Our Yard


Even if anyone cannot be as good as a Christchurch landscape architect, we can still do much to make the best out of our space in the yard. Especially when we only have a little space at home to create  our own garden, we can still be creative.


We must not hesitate to maximize our use of any space that we have at our small residential unit. We can create some vibrant outdoor space where we can set up a table for a coffee or two with some nice green view. We can recycle some old bottles and make them into some vertical gardens with some small plants that we can buy from any plant shops. We can design some hanging plants across the wall so it would not be empty to look at.


One thing that we can do is to choose the right colors to paint the walls with. This same color can also be used when we choose the right furniture. What is important is that we decorate the yard or some piece of land that we have so it would not be boring and dull. Another thing is that we can have something that we can show our guests for them to get entertained while we prepare those biscuits and tea.



Finding A Local Contractor


We might find ourselves finding for a good contractor perhaps for a small renovation at home or a new construction of our property and we can find help through Rock Solid. There is the new challenge of finding a contractor because it can be a little difficult with a lot of competitions in the market.


Other than that, we also face the threat of scams everywhere with dishonest contractors who might ask for a cash advance but never return to do the actual work. Some contractors substandard their work because they are trying to make profit about using cheap materials. We really have to be patient and not hasty about finding a contractor that works at a fair price, on time completion of work, and assures that they can help with the maintenance.


One of the things we can put in mind when we are looking for a contractor is that we must find them within our town. We have to get a local contractor so it would be easy to reach them because we know where they are and we have their contact information. It would really help us because we can call them anytime we want when we want help.



Everything you want to know about Zoho CRM

If you want to manage and organize your company and you have no idea how to do it, the best solution is to use CRM. On the you will be able to understand what is CRM and everything about Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM is complex management software. This is complete database system that covers leads, customers, and projects. Zoho CRM is designed to attract, retain, and satisfy customers to grow your business.


Zoho CRM automates vital sales operations – that means that automates daily sales tasks, converts web visitors into hot leads, imports prospects from external sources and parties including trade shows, direct emails, and seminar.


Gives access to important data in real time – this allows you to track your customer data - deal’s size, contact history, and competitor profile to help you craft more fitting messages.


Makes maximal use of social media – This is a highly important tool, as it enables you to connect with your prospects and leads through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


Zoho CRM provides:


  1. Sales Force Automation
  2. Lead Management
  3. Account Management
  4. Effective Follow-up
  5. Website Integration with Forms
  6. CRM Workflow Management
  7. Sales Tracking
  8. Pulse
  9. Sales Forecasting
  10. Productivity
  11. MailMagnet
  12. Document Library
  13. Social CRM
  14. Mobile CRM
  15. CRM for Google Apps


At the you will be able to learn more about Zoho CRM and how beneficial for your business.



How to find reliable agency in Auckland that provides SEO Services?

In case you didn’t know, Auckland has an extremely competitive market and there are many agencies that provide in Auckland SEO Services. If you want to be successful in the business you have to have the budget for SEO Optimization as everyone wants to be ranked first in the Google.


You probably wonder how to choose the best one and the most importantly reliable?


SEO optimization is not all about understanding the Google. The agency will have to understand you, understand your customers and prospects in order to provide key information so you could be easily found on Google research. Agency will have to have a great strategy and be extremely sincere in a business relationship. One of the reason is that you will have to collaborate and communicate tightly for three to six months at least. The technical elements of SEO are the most important one that means that you have to have an optimized website. If you don’t know how you should do it, the agency that provides services should do that for you.


At the end, when you are choosing the perfect agency which offers SEO you have to check their portfolio and testimonials. 

The Skills I Need So I Could Became Digital Nomad

Firstly, you have to ask yourself: “What kind digital nomad skills I have so I could work remotely – from anywhere?”. You have to know what kind of skills and knowledge you have so you could provide online services. But when you are summarizing your knowledge you have to be completely honest with yourself. It is that simple.

There are many possibilities for remote work you just need to understand your qualities before you start applying.

  1. Photography – you can get hired by people to photograph events, places, assist on movie sets...
  2. Translating – It is said that how many languages you know, that’s how much you worth. Knowing languages is giving you a huge opportunity to do the different translations.
  3. Writing – This is one of the key skills for your communication as a digital nomad. It is also an opportunity for you to work on different projects, to write for different businesses, to do editing …
  4. Training and coaching – This is started to be a really popular profession in the world. Many people do not understand how to solve conflict situation nor how to communicate when they are facing with different conflict situations. You may coach online.
  5. Teach online – You may teach online. You can also sell online courses. First, you have to make the tutorial video. You can then start selling it online. It is important that you communicate with your audience and have interaction with them. 

These are only some of the skills  you may improve or you already have so you can apply for the remote work and offer your services online. You will definitely get many benefits from the remote work.