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1Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc$31.99 NZD
2Wooden Wine Gift Box$9.99 NZD
3Rockburn Pinot Noir$39.99 NZD

Wine is an important part of meals in some countries around the world. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the perfect wine to match the food. However, identifying ways to properly pair wine with food can increase the satisfaction of eating. The successful pairing of wine and food works by complementing both of its components, richness, and textures. Wine flavors are derived from specific components including sugar, acid, fruit, tannin, and alcohol. In contrast, foods have flavor components like fat, acid, salt, sugar, and bitterness. You can try by either pairing food and wine with similar taste or a contrasting one. You can also try to wrap the flavor of the wine with the richness of the sauce. Note that you need to understand first the basics of white and red wines. If you want to purchase many wines, then the holiday season is the best time to shop. You can use promo code to get discounts.

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